Full Turnkey W2E solutions designed and built by an award winning team.


Converting waste to energy was a natural progression for a forward thinking company like INCINER8 – having always been at the forefront of design and development, we have been working on refining our thermodynamic W2E range over the last 2 years.

We now have what is widely regarded as a best in class, waste to energy solution for anyone processing between 300kg – 600kg per hour. Smaller and larger systems are also ready for shipment now. We also have systems specifically to capture energy from waste heat or waste water without the need for a waste stream.

Waste to Energy Solutions

  • Get energy from rubbish
  • Energy from waste hot water
  • Energy from waste heat
  • Get hot water from rubbish
  • Get hot air from rubbish

Industries that can benefit from Waste to Energy,

Essentially any business that produces waste hot water or hot air as part of their manufacturing/operating processes could benefit from a W2E solution. Speak to one of our team of experts who will be more than happy to assist in tailoring the most efficient solution for your company. Businesses in the FMCG, Dairy, Steel making or Glass making are just a few good candidates that will get the most from this system.

Typical Uses for Energy Generated from Waste

  • Heat Your Premises
  • Provide Electricity / Charging Points
  • Hot Water for Cleaning
  • Combined Waste/Cleaning Solution for Kennels/Catteries
  • Efficient utilisation of the “secondary heat”, or “low-grade heat” generated from the process.
  • Create a low cost CHP (Combined Heating & Power) system