Starting a pet cremation business – your essential guide

The global pet industry is booming and with it comes a huge growth in pet cremation businesses. The figures speak for themselves, with worldwide pet ownership currently highest in Latin America. According to global research specialists, GfK, 80 per cent of people in Argentina and Mexico own a pet. Brazil comes in third with 75 per cent, with Russia next at 73 per cent, then followed by the USA at 70 per cent.

Selecting a Location for your Pet Crematoria

Whatever your beloved pet, be it a dog, cat, bird, rabbit, hamster or more, we want the best for them and splurge both in life and also death. A pet cremation business, or ‘pet loss’ business, is a lucrative funeral market and brings huge earning potential, especially as pet funerals continue rising in popularity.

Many pet owners also now seek out pet cremation businesses that allow them to attend the cremation services and see their final journey in person. Not only do they want to pay their last respects, but to ensure their beloved family pet is cremated with care and dignity, and give a formal send-off.

In China, for example, research suggests that the pet industry will surpass £23billion in 2020, as disposable incomes rise and attitudes towards animals change. People lavish attention and money on their pets, from hotels, to spas and now cremation services. And as valued family members, it’s only natural that people mourn their passing. Together, this growth market and increasing demand strengthen the case for starting your own pet cremation business.

What does it take to start a pet cremation business?

Surprising, it’s not that difficult. Certain rules and regulations govern pet cremation businesses, as it does any industry sector, which differ from country to country.
As market leaders and go-to cremation partners, we have installed our pet cremation equipment across more than 170 countries worldwide. This specialist knowledge and understanding of local markets is highly-sought after by our customers.

We can support you in overcoming those initial hurdles and getting your pet cremation business off to a flying start. From finding the perfect business location and how best to house your pet cremation machine, to arranging planning permission and necessary permits, we’ve the know-how to help you succeed. Why not contact us to get a copy of our pet cremation industry – Market Intelligence Report.

How much does pet cremation equipment cost?

Among your initial outlay will be your pet cremation equipment cost, which is usually the largest investment to any pet cremation business. The average lifespan of our pet cremation machines is 15 years, giving that initial outlay cost a huge payback potential.

It’s also important to purchase the right equipment, not just based on the pet cremation equipment costs, but in line with your future growth plans. Ensuring your pet cremation machine fulfils the need of all sized animals, from equine to rodents, will also prevent you from turning away future customers and opening up to new markets. 

Pet cremation equipment costs usually vary depending on the listed features of the cremation unit. It’s important to consider burn rates and batch sizes when deciding which pet crematorium is best for you, to guarantee sufficient capacity in order to cremate the required number of animals each day. Choosing a pet crematorium with poor fuel efficiency, for example, could see fuel costs quickly eat into your bottom line.

In addition to our range of pet cremator models, we also offer a number of pet cremation accessories. These complementary accessories include charging trolleys, cremation trays, ID tags and much more.

What makes the perfect pet crematorium entrepreneur?

The type of pet cremation owners that we support is wide ranging. From farmers through to veterinary practices, we’ve seen all types of individuals, as well as already established businesses, realise the huge earning potential and enter into this growing market. The sale of pet crematorium accessories has grown dramatically over the last few years and should be considered as a key part of your revenue generation.

In addition to providing a range of pet cremation models, we also offer on-site training. Particularly important to those who are completely new to the pet crematorium market, this ensures that you and your entire team can confidently operate your machine and provide the necessary maintenance to support its average lifespan.
Why choose Inciner8 for pet crematorium systems?

As market leaders in pet crematorium equipment and solutions, we’ve a growing portfolio of clients across the globe. We manufacture all our pet cremation machines in-house, as well as delivering and installing the equipment on-site, and providing service and maintenance to our customers worldwide.

As well as the information in this simple guide to starting your own pet cremation business, you can contact our pet cremation experts. Our team will be happy to discuss the options available and support you on your business journey.
Pet Cremator Models

i8-20A Animal Cremator (35kg) – suitable for only small pet and animal cremation
i8-40A Animal Cremator (50kg) – medium capacity pet cremation unit ideal for cats and dogs
i8-55A Animal Cremator (60g) – for cremation of larger dogs and other pets
i8-75A Animal Cremator / i8-140A Animal Cremator (70-120kg) – for cremation of pets of all sizes
i8-200A Animal Incinerator / i8-250A Animal Incinerator (200-300kg) – our most popular pet cremation system, suitable for all pets.
i8-500A Animal Incinerator – Specially designed for equine or larger animals.

Here at Inciner8 you have access to our pet cremation experts, combustion scientists and legislation advice.

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