Cremation Ovens

Following many years of R&D and development in the thermal treatment arena. Inciner8 have launched a range of cremation ovens. Most notably is the development of the world’s first truly mobile cremator.


Utilising hot hearth technology and 4 chamber post combustion gas processing these models are state-of-the-art and will provide many years of trouble-free operation.

Key Human Crematory Features

  • Safe, efficient, easy to use
  • Minimum installation and start up time (mobile solution in under 30 minutes)
  • Safety features including fail-safe front loading hatch
  • High efficiency hot hearth design
  • Optional Remote Control Panels
  • High quality build & components
  • Factory per-assembled

Buying a Cremator

Costs for a cremator vary dramatically depending on the size and capacity of the machine. In certain regions they require additional abatement systems to meet local guidelines. They are commonly known as human cremators or crematory furnaces.

Locating your Crematorium

The size of premises required to house your crematory furnace is dependent on the size and number of furnaces required.
The building should be adequate to house not only the furnaces but the refrigeration zone as well. This will be required to store caskets prior to incineration.

Fuel Costs

One of the main costs for daily operation (excluding staff costs) will be the fuel required to run the furnaces. Typically this is either oil or gas and will be stored on-site but outside the premises for safety.

Temperature Control

Through a combination of air conditioning and temperature control systems you will be required to ensure certain ‘zones’ are kept cool during the operation of the furnace(s).

Reasons for Choosing Cremation

Apart from the obvious religious exceptions, many people are now seeing cremation as the quickest and most ‘clinical’ and lowest cost option of disposal. The relative low cost of cremation (compared to traditional funeral services) is one of the main drivers that is changing the public opinion and seeing unparalleled growth in this market.

Growth Areas for Cremation