Neonetal Ventilator



High frequency oscillatory (HFO) ventilation is recognized worldwide as an effective treatment for neonates and premature infants.

  • Smaller pressure fluctuation within the thoracic frame reduces danger of tracheobronchial injury
  • Smaller pressure fluctuation in the alveoli causes less fluctuation of blood pressure and intracranial pressure
  • 0.2 mL resolution stroke volume setting allows fine control of amplitude
  • Powerful stroke of up to 160 mL during HFO meets the ventilation needs of larger patients
  • Volume and frequency can be adjusted to meet the needs of premature and pediatric patients


  • HFO, SIMV and CPAP modes provide complete respiratory care in one ventilator
  • Patient triggered ventilation (PTV) through proximal flow sensor or pressure sensor
  • Effective monitoring of pressure, flow, oxygen concentration and all important ventilation parameters
  • Three alarm priority levels with messages and alarm indicator inform the caregiver of any small change

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