Color Doppler U2 prime edition (New Version)

Color Doppler U2 prime edition (New Version)


Color Doppler Ultrasound

Brand: EDAN, Model:U2 prime edition (new Version)

Country of Origin: Germany

Made in China.



Features and Benefits

​Advanced Imaging Technologies

S​​peckle reduction technology ​

Improves contrast resolution while maintaining detail resolution

​​P​hase-inversion harmonic imaging​​

Reduces noise and clutter for optimum image quality

Spatial compounding

Multiple lines-of-sight improves contrast resolution

Multi-beam technology​

High frame-rate in all modes including color and Doppler

User-friendly ​Workflow

Intuitive control panel reduces learning curve

Smart PreSet – quickly adjust multiple setting to suit your patient type and imaging preferences

Multi-frequency Transducer Technology

Multiple 2-D, harmonic and color frequencies increases transducer utility

Supported Applications

Abdomen, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Endovaginal, Small Parts, Muculoskeletal, Vascular, Urology, Cardiology, Pediatrics

Compact, Mobile Cart Design

Exceptionally quick boot time

Built-in lithium battery

15″ High resolution LCD monitor

Multiple peripheral ports