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Medical :

Health Product- eta dia health thik hoi. Ekhane product description. Ekhane aro product er name lekha jabe. Niche ei je aro cetagory dea ase.

I8-M250 Medical Incinerator- I8-M250 model is the first of our larger models with the internal capacity to handle larger batches of waste per operation. The i8-250M is a large capacity model from our range of specialist “M” incinerators which are optimized for medical waste disposal. This model can be customized with viewing windows, external cladding and automatic loading making it the ideal solution for industries needing to dispose of high volumes of medical, pharmaceutical or hazardous waste in an effective and environmentally conscious manner. Its large opening gives you the best aperture with top loading design for easy access and continuous loading. This unit benefits from a large secondary chamber with afterburner for the re-burn of harmful emissions at over 850°C with a 2 second retention time. Offers you real economies around all types of medical waste. Get PDF

Laboratory product- aro product. Description

I8-M500 Medical Incinerator : I8-M500 model is amongst our largest incinerators. Full details Download Datasheet


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